Mentoplasty or Chin Plastic Surgery

The face counts as the most prominent feature of a person’s entire physical appearance. It is therefore not surprising to find that more and more people are turning to cosmetic surgeons who can transform or improve their facial features. With the emphasis that is placed on aesthetic appearance, many individuals are doing whatever it takes to look better. It is interesting to note that various people are unhappy with the appearance of their chin. A mentoplasty is a form of surgery that involves the reformation and reconstruction of the chin.

chin_implant_schemaThe main complaints constitute a jaw line that is either too prominent or recessive. When this region of the face is considered to be too big or small, it poses a problem for the individual, and the best option is to have it surgically altered. The surgical procedures of mentoplasty are designed to alter the appearance of the chin so as to achieve a more balanced look for the entire face.

Each person has his or her own preference when it comes to what an attractive face is supposed to look like. Regardless of these different preferences, there is a certain standard regarding the ideal profile that is determined by the angle or contour of the chin region. Women are expected to have a softer alignment as men prefer more of a geometrically sound jaw line. The difference between the chin of a man and that of a woman is considered to be quite distinct, and there are standards that surgeons feel are the norm.

Just like with any other elective surgical procedure, it is important to weigh the options and take the time to understand what the entire process entails. The chin plastic surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia depending on what the doctor recommends or what the patient is more comfortable with. The surgery typically begins by creating an incision within the mouth of the patient. This internal incision is essential because it prevents the appearance of a visible wound or scar in the external region of the mouth. Although it is possible to do the incision outside the mouth, the internal one is preferred so that the individual can go through the healing process discreetly. Chin surgery is often accompanied by other procedures such as nose surgery, but it is also done on its own. Other people incorporate mentoplasty as a component of full facial surgery. It is generally believed that a chin surgery needs to be done alongside nose surgery because this helps to balance the face and make it proportional.

For people who have double chins, it is usually necessary for them to undergo liposuction that will get rid of the excessive fat that forms as a second chin. In this instance, an external incision will have to be made. On average, a mentoplasty can last anything from as little as half an hour to several hours, and this is determined by the extent of the surgery. Aside from taking out any excess fat from the chin, implants are used to achieve the desired sculpted effect. Silicon and geo tex are the implants that are commonly used and they are popular for their ability to significantly recontour the region of the chin.


Even with the best implant available, the surgeon still has to ensure that he or she places it at the front of what is known as the mandible. Here, the implant is supposed to be deeply inserted in a careful way. The implant is inserted into the soft tissue of the chin because this is the point at which the altered and projected contour of the chin can be effectively achieved. It is important to note that every person has a unique mandible that goes a long way in determining which implant will be most ideal for the surgical procedure. In most cases, there is no need for screws at any pint of the surgery or recovery process. The prosthetic implants are kept firm and solid within a protective layer of the chin that is fibrous by nature. Regardless of the type of procedure undertaken, sutures that are dissoluble are utilized, and this means that there will be no visible scars that the patient should worry about. Even if the surgeon decides to create an external insertion on the chin, the scar will still not be apparent or visible. The procedure is generally done on an outpatient basis, but this varies according to the individuals. Some patients may need to stay in the hospital for a few days, and this is not a cause for alarm. The options for anesthesia are local and general but general anesthesia is the preferred option. The results can basically be described as instantaneous because the changes in the appearance of the contour are visible as soon as the surgery is completed. The transformation can be seen but any enhancement that is present can be seen clearly for about two months following the mentoplasty.

Mentoplasty is a viable solution for people who seek solutions to their chin reconstruction requirements. For anyone who considers undergoing the procedure, it is important to locate a surgeon who is committed to making his or her patients as comfortable as possible right from consultation to the point at which the chin plastic surgery is finally carried out. This is a serious consideration even as someone makes the decision to undergo surgery as a step towards improving their appearance.

Before going in for a mentoplasty, the patient should find a plastic surgeon and inform him about his or her expectations. A good doctor should be willing to provide the patient with a range of testimonials from previous patients. This inspires confidence, and the surgeon can go one step further by providing before and after pictures of past patients. During the consultation with the doctor, the overall health of the patient will be established so as to ascertain whether or not the individual qualifies for a surgical procedure. If overall health is good, the doctor will proceed to examine the patient’s face critically so as to get a good grasp of the individual facial structure. Facial structure guides the doctor in terms of what technique or procedure is appropriate. This is the opportune time during which the patient can discuss his or her fears and concerns. Chin surgery is a great solution for anyone who is uncomfortable with the appearance of his or her chin, and it helps people feel younger and more attractive. It helps to create a feeling of self-confidence that the individual probably lacks and this is why many people opt for this kind of cosmetic surgery. It is, however, not a solution to every problem and while it is great to look attractive, the person should embrace his or her improved appearance and couple it with a determination to tackle life head on regardless of what imperfections one might have.

The doctor should be more than willing to discuss the procedure in depth and provide the patient with essential information regarding the surgery and recovery process. This enables the individual to make an informed decision regarding the mentoplasty. The main types of mentoplasty or chin surgery involve changing the shape of the chin and reducing the size of the chin. Changing the shape of the chin involves changing the position of a section of the bone or by augmenting the chin with the use of an implant. The size of the chin is reduced by reducing the size of the bone. The dressings that are placed on the patient are typically left on for 2 to 3 days. Any stitches that are present are gotten rid of after a period of a week. Bed rest is recommended for at least two days. The recovery process is generally slow, but the results are worth any sacrifice that has to be made. The patient can expect to have a sore chin for some time. If the pain is deemed unbearable, pain medication may be prescribed.

Owing to the tenderness of the chin, it is advisable to only consume food in the form of liquids or mashed food items for a considerable amount of time. Some patients may be surprised to feel like their chain is stretching out of place but in reality this is just a feeling as opposed to as an actual physical occurrence. This uncomfortable feeling does not usually last for more than a week. Patients can expect to be back on their feet after a week, but it will still take quite a bit of time before recovery is complete. As the recovery process goes on, it will take time for the patients to be totally active in whatever tasks they wish to perform. The individual should make every effort to prevent any contact that may injure or interfere with the area that is healing. It might be unnerving to endure a swollen and disfigured face during the initial stages of the surgery, but it is important to maintain a positive attitude by remembering why the mentoplasty was carried out in the first place.

Precautions to Take in Doing Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty refers to the second practice on the nose in case the primary one was not successful. There is a need to be super keen when carrying out the second rhinoplasty as it may end up leaving the facial appearance of the patient worse than it Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hillswas before. There is nothing as frustrating as going for revision rhinoplasty for the second time only to end up worse than it was before. It lowers the patient’s esteem in knowing that they have funny looks due to the bulbous nose tip. Therefore, when it comes to revision rhinoplasty, it should by no means be a gambling game.

Discussed are some of the precautions to take if any revision rhinoplasty has to be a success:

Surgeon skills
The surgeon that is being consulted to perform the secondary nasal surgery should be qualified enough. In fact, the patient should be sure about their elite credentials so as to increase the chances of the surgery being successful. The best way to ensure this is by carrying out research about the surgeon before even consultation visit. This can be achieved by looking at the surgeon’s website as well as the after revision gallery of earlier operations. Most cases where the patients have been disappointed by the surgeons, it has been due to uncertainty about the specialist they entrusted for the practice. If you are not satisfied with the initial nose job, then we recommend our friend who is an expert in revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

The skin thickness
Scientific research reveals that the revision rhinoplasty is better performed on skins that are thick enough. Therefore, thin skins are most likely to be unsuccessful if any operations are carried out on them. It is important to the specialist to inspect the skin of the patient early enough; mostly during the consultation visit. This is what enables them to be ready to go an extra mile in preparing the skin. Most people use temporalis fascia or rather rib perichondrium in order to prevent the reconstruction of the underlying cartilage from being so conspicuous.

Post protective care for rhinoplasty
There are cases where a rhinoplasty may have been carried out successfully only for it to get destroyed much late. Therefore, it is important for the surgeon to give the necessary advice to the patients in order to ensure they maintain the nose in the right condition until it is fully healed. For instance, some doctors advise the patients to put on a nasal splint for about duration of one week after the surgery. This splint is further removed together with the stitches and leaves a spotless normal shaped nose.

Limit exertion activities
A nasal surgery is super delicate and fragile. Therefore, it is advisable to be super keen about what we indulge in after the surgery. For instance, doctors advise their patients to avoid activities such as sports, swimming and so on. This is because these exert undue pressure on the stitched nasal surface thus putting it at a threat of spoilage.

Avoid regular mechanical cleaning
Just like any other stitch of the body, nasal surgery stitch is highly susceptible to water. Therefore, patients should avoid washing the nose, especially in the first one week. This enables the stitched parts to remain intact and undisturbed. At the same time, the patients should avoid blowing the nose for about 3 weeks time. Instead, a nasal mist spray should be used for cleaning.

Thinking about chin augmentation?

Cosmetic surgery seems to be available for every part of the body from breast uplift to BOTOX. It has however always been possible to undergo facial reshaping such as rhinoplasty and mentoplasty amongst other surgeries to reshape the jaw and lip.

The combination of expert maxillo facial surgery together with dental surgery offer the very latest techniques to provide a dramatic result and a more aesthetically pleasing face. A technique which is becoming more and more popular is mentoplasty, a surgical procedure to reshape the chin by enhancement, reduction or reshaping. The surgery aims to give you a more balanced facial structure. There are two methods of chin augmentation- surgery and injectables. Enhancing surgery involves the use of an implant into the tissue on the jaw under anaesthetic. Following surgery a brace may need to be used to support the implant. Recovery is usually a few weeks. Alternatively injection filler can be used without a surgical team; however it is much more expensive.

Chin reduction is also another procedure which is undertaken under anaesthetic and can up to three hours. A proportion of the bone will be removed or repositioned. Recovery again takes a few weeks.

There are side effects with the surgery as there are with most, possible risks include infection, blood loss, and swelling. It is therefore important to seek advice from your local clinic or GP before undertaking surgery.